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Article: Wise Words From Jess


Wise Words From Jess

I have a big family full of beautiful people. I find myself often learning from each of them, when they have to be brave and strong.
My cousin Jessica recently wrote a little story that made me think.
Disclaimer: this is not a sympathy post
Tonight was supposed to be our last night sleeping in our own beds for 5 weeks as our bags were supposed to be packed and we were supposed to head over to Australia and Fiji for some much needed, long awaited and anticipated time with both of our families.
A new baby has been born into the Turner family and we were supposed to arrive, bearing gifts for little Ralphie and filling our love tanks with plenty of newborn cuddles. Sometimes things don’t go the way they are supposed to. Since my family moved overseas we’ve always made light of the distance by saying “it’s only a plane flight away” until this week, when that changed, and for the first time in my life, distance became real, very real. I know we aren’t the only ones who suddenly feel worlds away from loved ones, and even distanced from friends as we isolate ourselves for the greater good of our countries.
If there’s something that I really hope comes of all of this craziness it’s that calls and text messages (especially mine) would not begin with “sorry I’m only getting back to you now, I’ve been so busy.” I hope that as a worldwide human race we take a moment, a very rare moment to rest, recalibrate, rethink life, what’s really important and what is unimportant yet has been filling our time, our minds and our worries.
There’s nothing quite like crisis and uncertainty to be the great revealer of what has substance, what’s important and what’s really not. So as I sit here doing my bit to #flattenthecurve the words of Jesus spoken in Matthew 6 “do not be anxious about tomorrow” have never had more meaning than they do now. Sending love to families who are separated, couples postponing weddings, business owners who are struggling, the elderly who are uncertain and of course all the extroverts who are learning to introvert 😉
We love you Jessica! 

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“The Tribe Is Growing”, a lovely heartfelt read. Being on the other side of the Story by becoming a grandfather, we find ourselves “opened wide” with their arrival.
Much Love, PopPops ☺️

Greg Swart

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