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Article: Halo & Brody


Halo & Brody

My first Blog post is a dedication to 2 special little people who inspired my beautiful baby gifting online store.

Little Halo was born 3 months before Brody.  They are both first borns for my cousins.

The first 2 babies who will head up the next generation of our incredible, crazy, loving family.

With each cousin, as I sat at their respective baby showers, I remember looking at each mommy to be and their big bumps in front of them, trying to absorb the fact that there was a little human being in there. 

And one day,  for each Mommy, the bump was gone and the babe was in arms.

Halo Summer

You are a ray of sunshine.

I won’t forget the day your Mommy was in labour.

The hours dragged by,  between us all, (Daddy, Granny, Pop Pops, Uncles, Aunties, Graunties (Granny Aunties) whatsapp messages flew frantically backwards and forwards between each other wanting to know details of your arrival.

And then, there you were.  A perfect little miracle. 

“Our “first little baby has just turned a year, and now literally lights up the room as she waddles in

(always rocking the cutest trendy shoes)

She has a curiosity like her Mommy and an energy like her Daddy.

She is always happy, on the go and waving!  You name it, she waves at it, with a smile that wants you to gather her up in your arms and hug her forever.

How could I ever love a baby as much as I love you.  
But then along came Brody and my love split in 2.

Brody Mayall

You are a heart breaker already.

My heart squishes when you look at me through your ridiculously long eyelashes and big blue eyes,(Which you took from your Mommy) and with your shy smile and dimples that I could disappear into ( Thank your Daddy for those)

As with Halo, the hours felt like months as we again clogged up the phone lines until you arrived instantly raising the level of love all around.

I could watch him for hours as he insists on “feeding” and “dressing” himself.

11 months old and staggering around trying to run before he can walk.

I love having the chance to cuddle you and feel your little body mould against mine with your head on my shoulder.

A new life is a beautiful thing.

Our family gatherings have grown

2 more places to be set at the table.

Halo and Brody, I love you.

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